Orsina Pasargiklian and
Klara Olofsson
exhibition at the George Tavern, London, April 2010

The urban environment provides inspiration for both Orsina Pasargiklian and Klara Olofsson. This is visible in ‘Skyline’ with ‘the city’ being the common theme, despite being approached from opposing directions with a juxtaposing result. Orsina’s paintings represent urban architecture in a simplified form. She has studied the features of different cities, concluding that each are characterized by their own individual geometric shapes, creating a specific atmosphere that defines the soul of that city. Klara, conversely, has observed the inhabitants of the city. She argues that in our everyday life we often only actually see those people in our inner circle; our family and friends. So much so that we become blinkered to those in our periphery, seeing only a grey mass. Klara uses the point of collision between these extremes as the focal point for her work.

Orsina Pasargiklian and Klara Olofsson are both 1st year Fine Art students from Middlesex University in London.